There is so much to tell about the Cyclaam and Garden Cyclaam, and by now you may already know a lot about this charming little plant. But there are probably plenty of things you didn't know about the Cyclaam and Garden Cyclaam. Below we have listed all the fun facts about cyclaam for you.

Once outside, the Garden Cyclaam can withstand a few degrees of frost. There is a good chance that the Garden Cyclaam will survive a mild winter.

The flower of the Cyclaam blooms upside down.

Each leaf gives a flower, so many leaves mean many flowers.

The name Cyclaam comes from kuklos, the Greek word for circle. This refers to both the round tuber of the plant and its round growth habit.

If you look closely at the shape of the flower you will see a heart. The Cyclaam is therefore a symbol of love and happiness!

The Cyclaam and Garden Cyclaam is sustainably cultivated. They use little energy in their cultivation, which is also known as 'cold cultivation'.