For Cyclaam & Garden Cyclaam
  • Place the Cyclaam preferably in a light spot, but not directly in the sun or above the heater.

  • Let the Cyclaam suck up the water from below.

  • Keep the potting soil moist, but no wet feet!

  • Give the Cyclaam a little fertiliser once a month.

  • The temperature range is between -3°C and 30°C.
  • The Cyclaam does very well both indoors and outdoors (Garden Cyclaam)!

  • Remove the dead flowers quickly so that new ones can form.

  • The Cyclaam is not suitable for consumption.


For both inside and outside

From the end of August until the first frost, the Garden Cyclaam is extremely suitable for the outdoors. In no time at all, you can brighten up your balcony or terrace. And reasonably carefree too, because the Garden Cyclaam needs less water outside. But beware; the large-flowered Cyclaam are of course more vulnerable to weather conditions such as heavy rain etc. than the small-flowered ones. But that applies to all outdoor plants, of course. A sheltered spot is therefore advisable for this group.

And finally, a tip for avoiding large temperature differences. Once outside, the Garden Cyclaam will feel good and will no longer want to go inside. This also applies the other way around. If you buy the Garden Cyclaam, put it on your balcony or terrace when you get home. And by the way, there is a good chance the Garden Cyclaam will survive our mild winters!