nice to meet you

Nice to meet you

The name is Cyclaam! The Cyclaam and Garden Cyclaam are completely modern again! Can't choose whether to put the Cyclamen indoors or outdoors? Do it twice, because this heart-warming plant radiates love and happiness, both indoors and outdoors!

Cyclaam Garden-logo-wit | Cyclaam original

Garden cyclaam

A second living room

You can recognize the Garden Cyclaam by the label with the Garden Cyclaam logo. Once the Cyclaam is outside she is a real tough guy. She can even have a few degrees of frost. That's why there is a good chance that the Garden Cyclaam will survive a mild winter. Turn your terrace or balcony into a second living room and enjoy this colorful flowering plant outside as well.


A colorful houseplant

The cheerful colors of the Cyclaam create a cozy atmosphere at home. The Cyclaam is a strong plant that originates from a sturdy tuber. The characteristic heart-shaped green leaves with a beautiful pattern of the veins, together with the colorful flowers, form a real eye-catcher in any interior.