In addition to care, we would like to tell you more about its origin and sustainability and inspire you to start working with the Cyclaam & Garden Cyclaam.


Garden Cyclaam & indoor

The best thing we know is that 'the Cyclaam' also does great as an outdoor plant in the autumn. The Garden Cyclaam is easy to maintain and in no time your balcony or terrace will be in bloom again. Can't decide whether to put it inside or outside? Do it twice, because this heart-warming plant radiates love and happiness, both indoors and outdoors!


The Cyclaam is back in fashion with its satin-soft, heart-shaped leaves and a beautiful pattern of the veins. Heart-warming in our opinion!


From white, pink, and purple to red. From pastel shades to bright colours. Small-, medium- or large-flowered. The Garden Cyclaam comes in all colours and sizes.


A plant with a story

The Cyclaam has a rich history that goes back to the 4th century BC. But from the 16th century onwards we find the Cyclaam on the European continent. Queen Elizabeth of England was so charmed by the plant that she had it cultivated in her botanical gardens.

Did you know...
The flower of the Cyclaam grows upside down

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